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Contrary to the assumptions of many outsiders Hong Kong’s sub tropical climate does benefit from seasons and isn’t always hot and sweaty. In fact there’s many an evening where a mug of hot soup, a woolly scarf and an oil fired radiator are looked forward to.

The Hong Kong Observatory weather forecast

January and February  

The year starts cloudy with temperatures dropping below 10°C although never quite reaching freezing, however during this period Hong Kongers take to the streets dressed in arctic capable clothing.

March and April  

Although generally quite pleasant these months have humid spells and periods when fog and drizzle set in lowering the visibility.  Northerly winds bring dry cool weather whilst the southerly winds bring warmer moist conditions.

May to August  

This period is marked by rainy mornings, high levels of humidity (a sweaty 80%+) and plenty of thunderstorms to make your dog bark. By the afternoon temperatures are in the low to mid 30’s with night-time bringing less than 10 degrees relief. However there’s often a beautiful dry spell in July that easily rivals that of summer in the South of France. But that’s just before August, which is the wettest month of the year with heavy rainfall an average of four days a week (although 2009 totally bucked that trend being 25% drier than normal).

September and October  

Temperatures and humidity start to fall and the sky clears post summer signalling the welcome return of being able to wear a jacket comfortably again.

November and December  

This is the time to invite friends and family from colder climes to visit to enjoy the blue skies, pleasant breezes and comfortable temperatures.

Tropical cyclones and rainstorms  

The typhoon season in Hong Kong runs from May to November however they are most common in September.  Typhoon warnings are issued by the government and energetically monitored and adhered to by the local populous.

Click here for some useful guidelines on what to do in the event of a cyclone or rainstorm published by the Hong Kong Observatory, the body that forecasts the weather in the Hong Kong region.

And there’s a useful little widget for Mac users downloadable from here that will keep you up to date on what’s going on overhead.

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